Change of pub date for ‘Never Out of Sight’: EXCITING!

Hello All,

Just wanted to let you know that Never Out of Sight will no longer be published in September but in January 2017. The reasons are countless but let me assure you that Never Out of Sight will be even more exciting and, I hope you’ll agree, totally worth waiting for. Developments within the publishing house but also within the manuscript itself mean that the date has had to change – but it is for the better! I am personally very excited!

Thank you to all who have preordered. It is available on Amazon and is currently only £1.99! If you loved S is for Stranger, you will definitely love Never Out of Sight.

Never Out of Sight

Also, don’t forget my other half i.e. Lottie Phillips produces her women’s fiction next year and you won’t want to miss Anna’s quest for love!

Warmest wishes to you lovely readers, Louise x

S is for Stranger is out in paperback too!

If, like me, you adore your Kindle but equally love the feel and smell of a book… I am pleased to tell you that S is for Stranger by Louise Stone is out in paperback too! You can find it on Amazon and having signed quite a few copies already, I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see my words in the flesh. Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy and I hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes, L. Stone



Yes, the day has finally arrived – my book will be winging its way to a Kindle near you. Not wanting to sound too much like a speech at The Oscars… I’d like to thank everybody on Twitter and Facebook who have so kindly retweeted or promoted my posts – I never take for granted how much support is out there and it really is truly appreciated. Also, to all those who have reviewed my book – again, I’m so grateful to you.

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Happy Reading Everyone!

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