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Review of Sunshine at Daisy’s Guesthouse:

‘This is my first book by this author the cover and description really caught my attention and it’s simply brilliant such an easy read with great characters and full of romance and heartbreak but mainly about moving forward after heartbreak. It’s a summer of new beginnings such a charming read and amazingly brilliant from the first page.
Daisy has her lift turned upside down when her husband dies and he leaves her a letter with a wish to turn the house they live in to a guest house but is it to much of a challenge for her. She has helps from her friends and James who is handsome but she can’t move forward she believe if she goes into the study she can speak with her husband and he is there. James keeps giving her letters from her husband about her moving on and can she realise her heart is beginning to heal. The one wish for her was to have children and when she gets one letter from her husband and it changes her life forever. Can she move forward and be happy or not.
Simply fantastic book highly recommend reading it worth more than five stars for sure.’







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