The importance of dreaming

I know it’s an absolute cliché but I do live, breathe, sleep and eat my work. In fact, I’m not sure what I’d do if the ability to write was ever taken away from me. I have always been writing – be it short stories, diaries, poetry and more recently, novels – it has become my life.

The big question is why am I trying to get published? Is it for the money? No. Which is probably a good thing when you think how small advances can be today. Don’t even talk about royalties! So, is it to be ‘famous’? No. Because, again, I’d unlikely ever be properly famous. What does that even mean anyway? No, I want to be published because I think there would be nothing more wonderful than sharing your characters and their journeys with others. (Oi, you, at the back, shouting, ‘Cheesy!’ Quiet down!). But he’s right, it is a bit cheesy. Though, I think if you’re really serious about your writing and in love with the process, you’ll be nodding right now and also shooting evils at said rowdy audience member.

In the last few months, I have read quite a few debut novels and so many have been excellent. But beyond the wonderful writing, they are also the product of a new author’s sheer hard work. They will have undergone the most fantastic creative process: captured their own imaginations, scribbled and scribbled – most likely for months  – and then honed until their words have shone.

So, yes, I dream. All the time. Much to the annoyance of everyone around me (must remember to talk about other things and not just my writing and D.I. Ward – though, if I don’t say so myself, I think she’s rather cool).

The last couple of years  – since I started writing novels – have had their ups and downs. But one thing I hold on to is my dream of being published.

Who knows, one day that dream might come true. Until then, I’m happy tapping away on my keyboard, coffee by my side, country music playing out of my rather big (retro) headphones and listening to my characters as they leap about the page.



Published by Lottie Phillips & Louise Stone

Bestselling women's fiction & thriller writer with HarperCollins.

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