Hearts, cupids and all that

Love in books and in life exists in a multitude of forms: adoration, obsession, lust, jealousy and even, or especially, friendship – plus many more. When I write, I aim to push the boundaries of the ‘ordinary’ and perhaps what people expect from a married couple, partners or a boyfriend and girlfriend and reveal some truth about that relationship. Sometimes the most unlikely characters will ‘fall in love’ and develop a tenderness toward each other and, in other cases, two people (or more!) will resist being stereotyped and their relationship might do the opposite to what we’ve come to expect . I can think of the man and wife in my latest book – their marriage is on the rocks and it is, in fact, the woman’s obsession with her husband’s behaviour and what is happening inside her home, that ultimately leads her to ignore the danger just outside her door.

Love is a wonderfully diverse emotion to write and explore, though DI Ward wouldn’t agree.

She is in a foul mood today: Valentine’s Day. It’s not that she wants to put a dampener on proceedings but since love has never appeared on her doorstep wrapped in ribbon, pink paper and ‘all that fluffy stuff’, she can’t wait for this day to be over. DS Franklin bought her flowers, not as a romantic gesture but because, ‘They were going cheap at the petrol station.’ DS Franklin will not miss out on a bargain. So with a pile of reports to get through and no chocolates in sight, DI Ward has bought the largest Fruit and Nut bar she could find in the local newsagent, and is currently munching her way through it, by herself, in the meeting room. DS Franklin is keeping well out of her way.

Whether you celebrate or not: Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy – in whatever way you do.


Published by Lottie Phillips & Louise Stone

Bestselling women's fiction & thriller writer with HarperCollins.

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