My writing journey: a new path

A few months ago, I decided to re-write an existing novel and move away from police procedural. It was an interesting exercise and one that I approached with some trepidation. It had always been my intention to write a series of detective novels; was this really going to work?


It worked because I had already been writing from my main character’s point of view but I could now focus on her entirely and, although you do hear from another character, neither of them are involved in the police force. I found it liberating and I know I have produced a much stronger novel as a result. I guess what I’ve learnt from this exercise is:

Be prepared to change if it’s not working.

As as writer, I never stop learning.

I need to have the courage to understand my strengths and comfort zone and embrace them fully.

A Closer Evil is a book I’m very proud of and, the long journey it’s been on, only makes me prouder.


Published by Lottie Phillips & Louise Stone

Bestselling women's fiction & thriller writer with HarperCollins.

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