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Romantic comedy fans, make sure you add Lottie Phillips’ name to your favourite authors list because she is going to be a big star!

Anna Compton has had enough! Tired of her frazzled life, her stressful job and the hustle and bustle of living in London, the time has come for her to make a fresh start and to put the past firmly behind her! A new beginning beckons for Anna and she decides to hang up her city girl stilettos for a life in the country where she will spend her days surrounded by miles and miles of unspoiled greenery, baking bread, making jam and becoming a domestic goddess and yummy mummy extraordinaire! Anna cannot wait to take up residence at Primrose Cottage and for her new life to begin. However, on her arrival, she quickly realises that there is a world of difference between reality and fantasy!

When Anna had been daydreaming about her new life in the country, she certainly never imagined that she would end up chasing pork pies down hills or trying to pass off shop-bought cakes at the school bake sale as her own – nor had she imagined that she would find herself caught up in a love triangle between hunky local farmer Richard and Lord of the Manor Horatio!

One thing is for sure – life in the country is anything but quiet for Anna! Is moving to Primrose Cottage going to turn out to be the biggest mistake of her life? Or will she come to realise that her new life is what she has been searching for all along?

A wonderful zesty-paced romp that had me laughing out loud, The Little Cottage in the Country is a joy to read from beginning to end! Lottie Phillips writes with plenty of brio, humour and charm and this book’s beguiling blend of hi-jinks, humour and pathos makes it absolutely impossible to resist! I thought Anna was a fantastic heroine and the scrapes she gets into are sure to make you howl with laughter! Add eccentric supporting characters, wit, warmth and sass and you have the perfect book to while away a lazy afternoon!

A sensational romantic comedy Hollywood producers should snap the film rights to, The Little Cottage in the Country is an addictive read you’ll never want to end!

Bookish Jottings

A delightfully uplifting romantic comedy to get you in the mood for summer!

Escape to the country!

Anna Compton thought that moving to the countryside, leaving London and her past firmly behind her was the perfect solution. Goodbye life of thirty-something, crazed single mum of two, hello country glamour queen, domestic goddess and yummy-mummy extraordinaire.

But her new life at Primrose Cottage isn’t quite what she expected! Very soon she’s chasing pork pies down hills, disguising her shop-bought cakes at the school bake sale – and trying to resist oh-so-handsome Horatio Spencerville, who just so happens to be the Lord of the Manor…

Could moving to the country be the biggest mistake she’s ever made?

Perfect for fans of Christie Barlow, Holly Martin and Tilly Tennant.


Romantic comedy fans, make sure you add Lottie Phillips’ name to your favourite authors list because she is going to be a big…

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