Today I’m featuring on the fab Linda Hill’s blog, talking the pros and cons of dating in the countryside

Three Pros and Cons of Dating in the Countryside

A Guest Post by Lottie Phillips

Location. Location. Location.

There are often many miles between eateries. So, you’ve agreed to go on a date with the local farmer. I warn you now that, unlike in a town or city, quite often you will be stuck at said eatery. He might choose to take you, for example, to the Five Bulls. Oh, you think excitedly, how romantic, how authentically country. You’re thinking quaint, cosy pub with roaring fire and epic Michelin-quality food. Only, you get there and it’s filthy with a fire chugging out enough soot and smoke to cause the Kyoto Protocol to fall down and your dog, Alfie, sees better food at home. On the other hand, you might strike lucky and end up at a gastro-pub sipping on Prosecco and looking up at the stars. The point is you can’t easily roll onto the next place, so if he’s in for the long haul, you might be too.


It’s a minefield. You want to impress, look sexy but remember those heels might not make it through that muddy field. That’s not to say, the countryside is uncivilised. We do have tarmac. It’s just it might be dark or the car might be parked down a track. However, I have seen heeled wellies. Just saying.

Choice of tipple.

Quite often, you will be picked up and can drink the night away, not worrying about driving later on. Bonus. Only, then you find out he is the most self-indulgent bore of a man and you are desperate for him to take you home. So it depends on the man and if you want to impress. Like any date, this will quickly become apparent. For example, say you go on a date with Lord such and such, you may want to go for your classic dry white wine, at which point he may offer to buy you champagne. If he’s boring the pants off you, start ordering Snake Bites. Works every time. Let’s say, instead, you’ve opted for the handsome stable hand who drinks Guinness like it’s his lifeline. If you like him, maybe try a pint of the Black Nectar, if you don’t, order a bottle of Taittinger and he’ll soon get you home.


Published by Lottie Phillips & Louise Stone

Bestselling women's fiction & thriller writer with HarperCollins.

One thought on “Today I’m featuring on the fab Linda Hill’s blog, talking the pros and cons of dating in the countryside

  1. Very funny. I especially like the idea of heeled wellies you could be on to a new fashion. Surprised you haven’t been snapped up ages ago.

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